Tools/Tips to run your art buissness

  • Canva. It’s a website full of ways to make free headers and to edit and combine your pictures, if you’re like me and don’t own an actual editing software and Paint is useless. It’s wonderful.
  • A good knowledge of legalese, or a freind willing to help. Know what you’re getting youself into when you start selling on a specific website. Some – like Society 6 – can claim signifigant amounts of any money you make under you name. They might not, but they can, and you should be aware of any catches in any website.

  • A social media platform you’re willing to update as frequently as you can. Personally, Instagram works well, because people actually follow the tags, and it’s well-used. However, just pick something that works for you! You’re trying to express your buisness, so if you’re awkward on all your posts out of lack of understanding the media base then it won’t be as helpful (always better than nothing though!)
  • A way to express your buisness professionally and quickly. This specifically revolves around conversations – people will ask, and you have to market yourself. These people may not buy from you but they might mention you, and regardless, coming off as a competent buissnessperson is always good. You probably don’t have to change much, but make your wording more confident. “I make some beads and paintings” doesn’t have the impact of “I run an art store, and sell beads and paintings.” They sound similar, but the reaction is different.
  • Use all the tags, on everything. All the time. It gives you  views, because people search that stuff, no matter how much you’re unsure of it. So yes, it might look silly putting 20 tags on a photo, but it means someone is more likely to search those and see it. So do it.

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