To beginning artists

To all the artists out there just starting, no matter your age, if it’s a new style, completley new area of art you’re starting in, if you’ve  never been artistic and you now want to start:

Do what works.

You will find innumerable posts and advice pages giving specific advice such as

  • Don’t ever use pure black in painting (I undersand why but personally I love the contrast of pure black with colour so I will always disagree)
  • This is how perspective works  [example  of gorgeous perspective work]
  • These are the steps to get that particular style, this is the only way it works

and so and and so forth. Now, I’m not going to say completley ignore them, many of those people are very good artists, whether self taught or trained, but do always take advice with a grain of salt. What’s most important is that you are growing and expanding what you can do, not that you’re meeting anybody else’s requerments. So, if it makes sense to you to add colour differently, not to layer but to do all the colour seperatly, to layer mediums not often layered, or any other technique – do it. Primarily don’t hurt your  art materials, but beyond that do whatever works for you. There are no hard and fast rules about art, you cannot really go wrong.

As to the beginning pieces you will make that you may not like – it’s fine!! I know you will hear this a thousand times and you might aldeay have, but all artists were bad at first. Nobody is born with the ability to paint masterpieces without study. And yes it will take time – sorry about that, if it frustrates you. However, you’re never going to go downhill in your progress. It might feel like it, but the more experience you have the better you will be. Did you do a bad turtle sketch? Yay! You are now +1 turtle sketch. See? It can be disheartening, but if you want to do it and you love the art itself, go for it, do whatever works for you, express yourself, and learn.


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