The merits of glow paint

So, about a year ago (whoa that went fast), I painted my ceiling with star charts in yellow-white mixed with glow paint. And overall I think it went really well. 11/10 would not recommend painting a popcorn ceiling but the product is nice. But also, I think it’s worth mentioning that glow paint varies so much and you can’t always control that, it’s sometimes luck of the draw. It looks really good when it works but it can also be nothing more than a faint glow you have to search for and just looks like a trick of the light. Luckily mine worked well, but overall;

  • Check your glow paint a little first. It can sometimes look really good after a couple coats, even if it is weaker, or give the same effect when mixed with a little white, to add to the contrast  (yes, it actually does help, promise )
  • Check if your paint needs sun or UV to “charge”, some seem to, and that’s probably useful to know before you paint your basement. 

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